These are all the products you can have access to:

❀ Tableware ❀

Everything you need to equip a Japanese or Asian restaurant.

  • Bowls (small, average and big, made of plastic or ceramic)
  • Glasses and cups (made of plastic, ceramic,…)
  • Plates (round, rectangular, of various shapes and sizes)
  • Full sets of matching tableware
  • Chawan cups (chawanmushi)
  • Dishes for service or presentation
  • Pots and saucers
  • Sake sets (bottles and cups)
  • Chopsticks, silverware and chopsticks holders
  • Kitchenware
  • Nabe pots
  • Clothes and uniforms (kitchen, service,…)


Essential accessories to understand the Japanese culture.

  • Teapots and tea sets
  • Tea cups
  • Tea tins, canisters
  • Service trays
  • Tea ceremony accessories
  • Accessories (filters, handles…)

❀ Decorations ❀

Various decoration objects made of ceramic, wood or paper


  • Lanterns
  • Sacred and religious objects
  • Vases
  • Post cards

❀ Bento ❀

Everything you need to make, prepare, take and eat from a Bento lunch box.

  • One time use plastic bento lunch boxes (made of plastic)
  • Bento lunch boxes (made of wood or plastic)
  • Bento lunch boxes for restaurants
  • Accessories (to cut, mold, pick…)

❀ Japanese cloth ❀

  • Noren
  • Furoshiki
  • Diverses Clothes