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Akazuki offers a full range of  teapots to make and enjoy tea. Of different sizes and with a varied design, You can prepare and enjoy different types of Japanese tea.

Our teapots are all made in Japan in the most famous places well none for their outstanding crafts. This is why we offer teapots from Tokonamé, Mié (banko yaki), Arita and Imari. 

We mainly offer 2 kind of teapots:

– Kyusu ceramic or porcelain with handle on the side

– Ceramic or porcelain Dobin with handle on the top

Purchase Beautiful Wholesale  Teapots with Akazuki LTD

Drinking tea is a beautiful art form enjoyed by millions around the world. The traditional method involves brewing loose leaves in unique teapots to elicit the best aromas and flavors. This process creates an ethereal tasting experience.

The Japanese culture perfected the art of making tea over the centuries. Their innovative approach means that Japanese teapots, or kyusus, are specifically designed to enjoy the incredible flavors of your favorite tea varieties.

Wholesale Japanese teapots provide access to this innovative approach at an affordable price.

Types of Japanese Teapots to Consider

For example, our wholesale Japanese teapots provide you with cast iron, ceramic, and porcelain selections from which to choose.

Several teapot styles have been developed in Japan over the centuries to create stunning user experiences. The Japanese tetsubin uses cast iron to heat water quickly. So you could keep it hot longer than clay or porcelain. It became a status symbol in the late 19th century to use this kyusu because it excels at making infusions.

For example, the traditional dobin teapot provides a ceramic foundation that’s perfect for brewing a variety of Japanese teas. Its handle can be made from bamboo, rattan, or plastic that always stays cool.

In addition, you can also choose the popular Yokode kyusu, which places the handle on the side of the pot. If you opt for the Ushirode design, then the handle is on the back of the teapot.

Above all,  our team can provide you with the essential teaware accessories. Ask for our catalog today so that you can select your favorite kyusu!


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