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Akazuki offers professionals a wide selection of Japanese tea boxes and canisters that allow you to store all types of tea and coffee under the best possible conditions.

Our plastic boxes are certified BPA free and we offer different types of size and patterns, always in the spirit of Japanese culture.

About Japanese tea tins & tea canisters:

Tea Canisters may be one of the most overlooked items related to tea. It is the most important item to preserve the quality and lifespan of many products. We call it tea cannisters but you can use it for other items such as Coffee, seeds, nuts and grains.

In general, Japanese tea canisters are just beautiful and decorative. By assuring the quality of your tea or coffee, a good tea canister can give you better drinking experience.

In Japanese, did you know that the Japanese word “chazutsu” means tea canister. For instance, they are mostly used as green tea container.

How to choose your tea canister?

To properly store your products, your tea canister should be airtight to avoid:

Moisture – Since tea is stored dry, any type of moisture can ruin it, that’s why we need an airtight container.

Heat – Be careful with temperature, excessive heat may degrade your tea, losing it’s main properties. Try to avoid letting your tea/coffee too close from a stove or windows, to prevent it from overheating.

Odor – Tea can also absorb odors from the room very quickly, try to always store it away from anything with strong smell such as pepper, coffee, etc.

In addition, besides these important functions, a tea canister may be a great decoration item.

They can turn a simple tea-drinking moment into an exciting and funny experience with their elegant patterns and designs, making it a more pleasant experience.

Today, we have an infinity of designs for tea canisters, we advise you to think about  home decoration. For example, the kitchen is not the only place for them, just be creative to use it and your house might benefit from this.

If you have a center table in your living room, you may create a collection of tea canister and let your room with more life and color.

At the end of the day, the main purpose of these tea canisters is to bring you a healthier life style. Nowadays we have a busy life and don’t take care of our health as we should.


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