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Akazuki offers a wide range of Japanese dinnerware and tableware for your hotel or retaurants. Our range of products includes all crockery and kitchenware from Japan. For example , you will find a large selection of Bowls, plates, cutlery, knives, pans, glasses, japanese pots, cups, bento boxes, …

We offer all these products in different sizes, different colors and different patterns. Traditional or modern, the entire range of Japanese dishes is available in our catalog for professionals.

We also offer specially for hotels and restaurants assorted ranges of dishes to present all the dishes of Japanese cuisine in matching dishes (patterns and colors).

More about Japanese tableware

Do you want to learn a bit more about how serving a Japanese meal ? Do you want to re-create an amazing dinner you’ve had during travel, at your home? This is the right place to learn about Japanese tableware and why everything looks so organized at Japanese restaurants. We are going to check everything you need, to present a real Japanese meal.

Main concept

The main concept behind Japanese tableware is that each food element show is in a plate or bowl that matches with the food or enhance the way it looks. How a Japanese table is set will depend on the dishes that will be served. 

If you are used to Japanese restaurants you may have seen a variety of bowls, they are used for different kinds of food:

  • Rice Bowls: Probably the main element of the Japanese tableware, these bowls are small and shaped like little bells. 
  • Miso Bowls: Very similar to the rice bowls, but with a circular or cylindrical shape, these bowls are made of wood or lacquer.
  • Noodle Bowls: These are used for one-bowl meals, bigger than the above, they are normally made from ceramic. 

Now let’s take a look at the plates we can see being used at hotels and restaurants for traditional Japanese food:

  • Medium Plate: Use the medium plate  to serve the main dish. When you have a table with many serving plates and bowls, these plates can be used as an individual one. This kind of plate is very “handy” to set the table. In addition,  it’s nice to have a few variations of shapes and materials for different table settings.
  • Small Plate: The small plates are perfect for side dishes and desserts. you can also use them as an extra plate. Just like the medium plate, it is a good idea to have a few variations of it to set up your table.
  • Tiny Plate: Also known as “Mame-Zara”, Japanese use these plates for soy sauce or spice and garnish. You can also use these for small ingredients.

Also, don’t forget that:

  1. Chopsticks should always be in front of all the plates.
  2. The main element is set in the front just behind the chopsticks or in the middle.
  3. Side dishes  are around the main dish, as a whole, it should still look asymmetrical.
Japanese tableware supplier