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Japanese teacups are prized for their delicate beauty and intricate designs. Usually made of porcelain, these cups are often decorated with intricate patterns and artwork. While they can be used for drinking tea, many people enjoy simply collecting and displaying them. Japanese teacups come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and each one is unique. Whether you’re looking for a traditional cup or something more modern, there’s sure to be a Japanese teacup that’s perfect for you.

Akazuki offers a wide selection of Japanese tea cups made in Japan. For instance, our collection includes all types of Japanese mugs , cups and bowls existing in Japan. Suitable for different types of tea, they are the most important tea utensils for all those who love Japanese tea and beautiful objects from Japan.

Our catalog includes:

– Matcha Bowls to prepare and drink matcha, the famous Japanese powdered tea.

– Ceramic or porcelain tea cups adapted to drink different types of Japanese teas.

– Teacups with modern or traditional design

In addition, let’s talk about  Japanese teacups:

Main Types of Japanese Teacups:

First of all, let’s introduce the most famous ones:

Yunomi- Tall cylindrical cups, used for everyday or informal tea drinking at home or work.

Chawan– Wide bowls with the curving interior, used to drink matcha or whipped green tea in the Japanese tea ceremony.

Matchawan– Known as a “bowl for powdered tea”, Chawan and Matchawan are used interchangeably.

Yunomi- The Most Famous Japanese Tea Cup

Yunomi is the most common type of Japanese teacups. It has different forms, such as:

Stoneware and Porcelain Yumoni

The beauty of stoneware yunomi is that it changes its color tone and characters with its use over time. Ceramic or porcelain yunomi lacks this feature. However, both types of yunomi teacups are made by most potters in Japan. They will certainly make great gift sets for tea.

Other variations of yunomi cups are:

Hagi– Hire-fired, glazed stoneware, originating from traditional Korean pottery style. Its popular form has a white-glazed, milky effect, making it an ideal pick for green tea drinking.

Mashikoyaki– It comes from Mashiko, a town outside Tokyo. It comes in many interpretations; however, its early style was simple brown pottery with red glaze.

Karatsu– This high-fired ceramic yunomi has underglaze iron paintings, which has seen a great revival.

Shino– Japan’s first whit glazed pottery style with pinhole texture, yuzuhada. This type of pottery also has iron oxide brush marking from the feldspar.


Japanese tea cups wholesaler