Japanese bowls distributor

Akazuki offers professionals a wide range of Japanese bowls made in Japan for all Japanese dishes that require the use of bowls.

japanese bowls supplierDifferent sizes and different materials, they will be perfect for any type of soup, Chinese noodles or rice dishes.

Small Japanese bowls are usually used to eat soup or rice. Ceramic or small porcelain bowls (compared to Western standards) are intended for rice while bowls made of wood, lacquer or plastic are intended for soup, especially the famous miso soup.

Japanese bowls of medium size correspond more to what is done in Europe or USA. They are especially made for any dishes named with “don”. “Don” means rice covered with something, such as raw fish, seaweed, vegetables, meat, … In terms of everyday use, these bowls are perfect for cereals, soups, soups, individual salads or desserts …

The large Japanese bowls are intended for Japanese noodles and their soup (udon, ramen, chanpon, soba …). They are usually made of ceramic or plastic. Because of their size, they can be used as serving bowls, plates for spaghetti, salad ….

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